Life in Vienna

We'll show, and tell you all about it

World's best city to live in

It’s time to move to Vienna! Being named the best city in the world to live in by Mercer in 2019, we can only recommend seeing it for yourself. “Our” Vienna is truly a magnificent city to live in. But what is so special about Vienna you ask? Well actually, aaaaaaalot of things! We’ll lay out some of the highlights for you below.

Welcome to Vienna

With its imperial architecture and cozy taverns, a thriving music and art scene, a city center filled with shopping streets and green parks, the capital of Austria houses around 2 million citizens. Public transport is top notch, as well as the city’s infrastructure and basically everything else. So no surprise that Vienna consistently scores high in surveys of the best places to live.

Imperial Architecture

The legacy of the Habsburg monarchy shows through Vienna’s imperial grandeur. For over six centuries, the Hofburg palace complex (picture above) was the home of the Habsburgs’. On this complex you will find the Burgkapelle (Imperial Chapel), a trove of museums and the Kaiserappartements (Imperial Apartments). Other immense palaces include the baroque Schloss Belvedere and the Habsburgs’ summer residence, Schloss Schönbrunn. Fun fact: Schloss Schönbrunn counts 1441 rooms.

A musical history

Vienna’s musical heritage is filled with famous composers such as: Wolfgang Amadeuz Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss, Johannes Brahms among countless others. It explains why Vienna is also known as the City of Music. These days you can still enjoy amazing performances in incredible venues such as the Musikverein, the Staatsoper or the Konzerthaus.

Food & Drinks

As you would expect, the finer things in life are also appreciated by Viennese. The city is filled with living room like coffee houses where they serve spectacular cakes, wine bars serving fine Austrian wines, pub-like café’s where you can score a Wiener schnitzel, prime boiled beef or goulash. If you are a lover of food and wine, Vienna has a lot to offer.


From Purple Lamp team members


Thom’s favourite restaurant in Vienna. An authentic Japanese restaurant that makes homemade noodles. “It’s just delicious” according to Thom.


A wonderful beer pub specialising in Belgium beers, located in the 6th district. A recommendation from our CEO who said “It’s a really cool place and if I were to go out more often, I’d probably be there more.”


This Japanese restaurant is a recommendation from Stefan. It’s a lively, informal restaurant serving authentic Japanese cuisine, but with a modern twist.


If you want to enjoy a quick but delicious snack when you are running around in the city. Definitely make a visit to the Rinderwahn Streetfood stand at the Naschmarkt.