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What we look for in new team members

What's important

Job applications! Probably everyones least favourite thing to do, we understand. That is why we want to help you out a little bit beforehand. Find out what we find important and what we look for in potential new team members.

Things to consider

Below we have some statements and tips that could help you determine wether the game industry will be a fit for you.

Try it out

Making games is very different than it is playing them. So being a gamer doesn’t necessarily mean you will also love making games. The only way to find out is to try it out. Grap a RPG maker and put something together, or download the Unreal Engine and go through some of the stuff that is in there.

Communication is key

The game industry is an international industry. That means you have to be able to communicate with people from all parts of this planet. And that can be hard sometimes because of cultural differences. You’ll have to be able to adjust to this.

It can be stressful

The game industry can be very tough. It’s a dynamic environment and we are looking for people who can keep a cool head in that sort of situation. We have a large team of very talented people who are really skilled at what they are doing.

Focus on the player

Listening to community feedback is a big thing at Purple Lamp. We talk to the people who loved prequels or are just fans of the series and gather their feedback. We always try to incorporate their ideas and suggestions into the sequel if it is possible.

Be open to learn new skills

We are looking for people who are self motivated, are self learning and want to keep getting better. We have a strong emphasis on education and self improvement within the company. Be open to learn new skills.

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